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United Vapes is one of the original e-cigarette providers in the U.S., Since 2008 we have introduced a system to smokers everywhere to alleviate their addiction to nicotine by providing a high quality electronic cigarette supplement that is odorless and toxin free. United Vapes is in the business of helping smokers find a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes. All of our products are of a premium quality, are easy to use, and will have you finally enjoying smoking once again.

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“Easily the best selection of mods and premium electronic cigarettes in San Diego. This store has all the high quality products and e liquids.”

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A Safe Alternative To Smoking

United Vapes was started in 2006 when founder Kelcy Edmondson discovered that smoking an electronic cigarette helped alleviate his craving to smoke traditional cigarettes. As he began to adopt the use of his e-cig, Kelcy began to smoke less and less traditional tobacco. He enjoyed the different flavors and scents that an electronic cigarette afforded him. He no longer had to separate himself from friends and family for a “smoke break”. Over the course of several weeks Kelcy began purchasing e-liquids with a smaller tobacco percentage. After about three months he was vaping with a tobacco-free product and no longer had those demanding nicotine cravings. With the help of e-cigarettes Kelcy had quit smoking all together. It was at this point he decided to start a brand that would help other smokers do just the same.

  • No Ash = Less Mess

  • Fewer Chemicals.

  • Lose That Addition

  • Smoke Indoors and In Public

  • No Second Hand Smoke