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San Diego’s Favorite Vape Shop is now in Point Loma!

Premium selection of Starter kits, mods, e-liquids, and more!

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Disposable E- Cigs

Our disposable electronic cigarettes hit hard, taste delicious, and last surprisingly long! Grab a pack for the road and don’t look back.


Choose from over fifty of the highest quality e-liquids on the market! Mix and match flavors to your liking or create your own completely from scratch!

Starter Kits

Grab yourself the sweetest brand and starter kit in town. The Honey Stick starter kit includes everything you need to begin vaping today!

Eliminator Vapes - San Diego Electronic Cigarettes

Premium Electronic Cigarette Provider

Eliminator Vapes offers high quality house made and non-house made E-liquids. You can find everything you need whether you are a beginner or an expert Vaper.

Eliminator Vapes offers comfortable seating, a large E-Juice bar to try all the flavors, beverages and snacks.

Eliminator Vapes offers the lowest prices around on e-juice and a unique one of a kind Vaping experience.

Eliminator Vapes carries original mods and clone mods and RDA’s.

Established in 2014.

Eliminator Vapes was launched officially in September of 2014 in Point Loma, CA.

Premium Electronic Cigarette
Disposable e cig
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Premium Electronic Cigarettes

“Easily the best selection of mods and premium electronic cigarettes in San Diego. This store has all the high quality products and e liquids.”

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A Safe Alternative To Smoking

Eliminator Vapes is a brand new vape shop in Point Loma, California located centrally off the main drag, Rosecrans street. The owner of Eliminator Vapes, Kelcy Edmondson, has been in the vape industry for 7 years now and this is currently the 3rd retail location he has opened.

Eliminator Vapes differentiates itself from other electronic cigarette shops by offering cutting edge custom mods, build outs, and stylish hand crafted vaping devices that are not found anywhere else in San Diego. We are proud to offer all military a 20% discount and welcome friends and family to hang out and vape in our lounge at any time. We think you’ll enjoy our lush couches, drinks, homemade desserts, and the entire ambiance that is Eliminator Vapes.

  • No Ash = Less Mess

  • Fewer Chemicals.

  • Lose That Addition

  • Smoke Indoors and In Public

  • No Second Hand Smoke